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What we do?

We are conducting reseach in three important pillars of hydrogen technologies


(Photo)electrochemical and photocatalytic green hydrogen production. Green ammonia production. e-fuel (CO, HCs, alcohols, DME) production

Seperation and storage

Storage and separation in solid, porous, high surface area materials and membranes. Storage in pressurized vessels.


Hydrogen fuel cells. Green ammonia utilization. Novel engine technologies. Heat generation technologies.

How we do?

Basic research helps in understanding the fundamental principles underlying hydrogen technologies. Discovery of new materials, catalysts, and processes that can significantly improve the efficiency, durability, and affordability of hydrogen-based systems.

Continuous advancements in key areas are essential for making hydrogen and related technologies more cost-effective, efficient, and scalable.

The road to the commercialization of key technologies involves prototyping to validate their feasibility, functionality, and scalability in real-world applications, ultimately paving the way for mass production and widespread adoption.

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